Friday, April 2, 2010

Dirt Therapy

I couldn't believe it had been three months since I last posted to this blog. I was ambitious at the start. Then, it became obvious rather quickly, that I had failed to make even an attempt at setting a schedule for posting. So, now, I've decided to make more timely posts.

But, I do have a little to share today. I've struggled a lot with feeling ungrounded, especially lately. Of course, I've failed to keep my promise to myself, to meditate at least daily. This morning was particularly bad. I knew I had a lot to accomplish, or so I thought. Then, my neighbor unexpectedly drove into the yard on his riding mower. He asked if I was planning a garden this year. "Sure, I said, "But, we picked a different spot, and I've got to borrow a tiller." "Well, he said, "I just had surgery and can't run one myself. Our neighbor needs her plot tilled. If you'd do me a big favor and till her plot, you can use my tiller for yours."
Well, I hadn't planned on doing any garden work today. But, that's how I spent it. I didn't get any of those supposed "high priority" items on my to-do list done. But, now I see that asking for some assistance with a too hectic schedule accomplishes much more than just relaxation and ease. My garden is nearly ready to plant. And, I helped my neighbor, too. I think there's something here I've missed. I'm calling it "dirt therapy".

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